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eat to lose not to gain

November 4, 2012

Certain foods actually help you to lose weight. That’s good nutritional news if I’ve ever heard any! Dieting is not only about eating foods low in calories or fat. It’s also about eating the right foods to achieve your ultimate goal. Knowing which foods to eat can actual aid your diet. Weigh your options. One option may be more beneficial than the other, even if they’re both seemingly good choices.  Mushrooms, eggs, apples, soup, hot chili peppers, beans, green tea, pears and cinnamon are all foods that can help you lose weight.

Mushrooms– reduce inflammation

Eggs– protein rich…it keeps you full!

Apples– only 100 calories and high in fiber

Soup– prepares your body for digestion and curbs your appetite

Hot chili peppers– people eat less when their food is spicy

Beans– also high in fiber, they take longer to digest

Green tea– speeds up your metabolism

Pears– also high in fiber

Cinnamon– curb post-meal insulin spikes


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