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detox without starving yourself

November 12, 2012

Body cleanses and detox kits are all the rage. I can’t keep up with the different types of juice cleanses my friends have been experimenting with. The process sounds painful to me. Only juice for 3 days? I’d rather not. There are tons of ways to help detox and cleanse your body while still sticking to your daily food routine.


1) Cut your sugar in-take. It ultimately increases fatigue among other harmful effects.

2) Increase your water in-take. Drinking water speeds up your metabolism. Squeeze half a lemon into your glass to help digestion.

3) Exercise will release endorphins, reduce tension and will help your body rid of toxins.

4) Drink tea. It’s very hydrating and full of antioxidants.

5) Try for organic. Processed foods lack the nutrients your body needs.

6)  Using a Neti Pot will help you breath better, enhance your sleep and rid your body of toxins.

7) Jump in the sauna and sweat it out!

8) Exfoliating will help increase circulation.


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