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late-night snacking

November 12, 2012

Late-night snacking is one of my favorite times to snack. Before I curl up on the couch to watch a show, I like to grab something from the kitchen to nibble on. I always try to chose something tasty but healthy. Having small healthy snacks in between meals is actually a great way to keep your metabolism up to speed. Options are important. Stocking your fridge with healthy snack options will allow you to satisfy a hunger craving without ruining your hard work of eating healthy all day. There are tons of different snack creations you can make with simple ingredients. Here are a few great snacks you should stock your fridge with…

Whole wheat tortillas, bananas, almonds, edamame, cottage cheese and mushrooms.

Why are they healthy? Whole wheat tortillas are complex carbs, bananas are rich in potassium, almonds are a wholesome alternative to unhealthy snacks, edamame is rich with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and iron, cottage cheese contains a protein that keeps you full and mushrooms are a great antioxidant.

Here are some suggestions to make your snack a little less boring. Whole wheat tortillas- sprinkle a little low fat cheese and microwave it, bananas- lather it with a tablespoon of peanut butter, almonds- mix them into a smoothie, cottage cheese- combine with melon the contrasting flavors will surely fill you up, and mushrooms- combine with lettuce or veggies.


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