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headache triggers

November 28, 2012

People sometimes attribute certain foods as the cause to headaches. Headache-trigger foods are dependable on the individual. Certain foods contain high amounts of particular substances that can cause headaches: Such as nitrate preservatives and tyramine. Those who are prone to headaches are more likely to suffer from these foods.

I’ve heard time and time again that chocolate causes migraines. Before a migraine many people have food cravings, particularly for chocolate. So eating chocolate may be a result of an oncoming migraine rather than a cause.

Bananas and aged cheese, particularly blue cheese, Swiss, cheddar, gouda and parmesan contain a substance called tyramine. Having a sensitivity to this substance can result in a headache or migraine.

Processed meats contain a nitrate preservative. This preservative can cause dilation in blood vessels resulting in a headache.

Again, all of these triggers are dependent on the individual. The American Headache Society says that studies can’t tell us which foods are headache triggers. So, your best bet would be to keep a food diary so you’ll be able to pinpoint what kinds of foods you ate the day you got your headache.


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